Police warn motorists of snow fines

With the snow still falling in some parts of the country and ice affecting the roads, driving remains dangerous across Britain. And now police have warned that those who do not clear the snow from the roof of their car could be in line for a fine.

Snow covering cars
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According to rule 229 of the Highway Code, "all snow that might fall off into the path of other road users" must be removed. Those that flout the rule could be prosecuted for careless driving should they be involved in an accident in which snow on the roof is deemed a factor.

The danger of roof snow is that it could either fall forward onto the windscreen or backward, causing a hazard for motorists behind.

A Suffolk Police spokesman told the Daily Mail: "Many people are not aware of the hazard that snow on their cars can cause. Falling snow can be dangerous for all road users."

With windows and lights to clear, some road users will undoubtedly set off with snow on the roof in a bid to get moving quickly, particularly in view of the inevitable traffic chaos.

But, while "hoax" text messages warning of automatic fixed penalty notices for drivers with snow on their vehicles have been dismissed by South Yorkshire Police, Greater Manchester Police say they may prosecute if there is an accident as a result of uncleared snow.

A spokesman said: "We haven't made any prosecutions, but we could if snow gets on the windscreen and there is an accident.

"We don't have a policy of targeting people with snow on their car roof, but we can apply discretion."

A successful prosecution would mean a fine of £60 and three points on your licence - you have been warned.

What do you think? Are motorists being careful enough in the snow? Leave your comments below...