Detox your fridge

Much as we hate to say it, Christmas will soon be upon us. And before all the excess of the festive season it might be an idea to take stock of your eating habits prior to the rounds of parties and Crimbo lunches.

Fridge stocked with healthy foods
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And if your fridge freezer looks like an advert for ready meals and luxury ice creams, then it's definitely time for a detox.

So what should you chuck and what should you be stocking up on?

The first port of call is those full fat products - milk, cheese and butter are staples of everyday eating but that doesn't mean you can't find just as tasty low-fat varieties.

Swap your full fat milk for semi-skimmed, choose a reduced fat cheese and banish the butter for a lighter spread and you'll already be doing your body a few favours..

Needless to say those ready meals, frozen pizzas and TV dinners should go, along with those easy to nibble on processed meats like hot dogs, bacon and pepperoni.

Instead stock up on lean meats like chicken or turkey, as well as fish and, if you can't be bothered with the fresh variety, frozen vegetables provide most of the goodness without the chopping, preparation and extra washing up.

Last but certainly not least, beware the fizzy drinks. Those tempting chilled cans provide plenty of calories and are usually laden with sugar.

And before you rush out for the diet version, be warned - plenty of sweetness only makes you crave more sweetness. Even fruit juice contains some hidden calories you may not be aware of so it might be an idea to dilute your juice.

Remember - if it's not in there you won't be tempted to eat it, so start your fridge detox today.