Hair dye tips for men

Whether you've decided to grow old gracefully or otherwise, going grey can often result in self-esteem issues. But hair dye isn't just for women and if you feel old rather than distinguished a touch of colour could well be the answer.

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Before you rush out to the chemist and buy the nearest product, there are a few things to consider first.

If you're not entirely convinced about colour, try cutting your hair short. It may disguise the grey initially, giving you more time to get used to the idea.

However, if you feel dyeing is the only way to go, you'll be asking what, where and how?

While temporary dyes wash out after four or more washes, a permanent dye allows the colour to penetrate the hair itself.

Progressive hair dyes can be particularly useful in banishing the grey because they build colour gradually and are easily applied in one step.

When you've chosen the right product, try to find one that is closest to your natural hair colour - too dark and it will be painfully obvious that you've reached for the bottle. Testing the colour on just a few strands of hair should give you a good idea of the final shade.

Just For Men (£5.99) works in just five minutes and their new Touch of Grey product allows you to get rid of some of the grey for a more natural look.

Earlier this year, L'Oreal launched its first brush-in and wash dye, Excell 5 (£6.99) specifically aimed at covering grey hair, while Min New York offer a variety of products for men priced at around £14 (available on Amazon).

But always remember chaps - if in doubt, ask a professional.