Air passengers face disruption as Spanish workers strike

Air passengers face yet more disruption this week as Spanish workers begin a 24-hour general strike tomorrow. Both travellers to and from mainland Spain as well as the Balearic and Canary Islands will have to cope with cancelled flights and severe delays.

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EasyJet has already cancelled almost half its Spanish flights, British Airways has warned of delays and changes to its flight schedule, and Ryanair has axed all its Spanish domestic flights and most flights to and from the country.

It is just the latest in a long line of travel misery for passengers.

Earlier this year, BA cabin crews staged a number of strikes and last week Ryanair was forced to cancel 250 flights thanks to strike action by French air traffic controllers.

The industrial action by Spanish workers is, of course, beyond the control of the airlines but Ryanair is calling on EU leaders to act against such disruption.

British Airways and easyJet are doing their best to minimise the disruption to customers.

A BA spokesman told the Daily Mail: "If customers don't wish to fly to or from Spain during the strike, even if their flight is still planned to operate, then they can also rebook to a later date free of charge."

The travel giant also intends to use larger aircraft to "maximise" the number of passengers travelling on those services that do run.

Meanwhile an easyJet spokeswoman confirmed that customers had been offered the chance to change their date of travel prior to the strike.

One thing's for sure... it's been a long summer for British air passengers.

What do you think? Should the EU do something about industrial action that causes such disruption? Leave your comments below.