Bag a 1p bargain at Tesco

Tesco's motto is 'every little helps' but did you know you can snap up bargains from the retail giant for as little as 1p? That really would help out your weekly shop. Bargain-hunting shoppers have been heading to Tesco in droves after discussions on money-saving internet forums revealed that the supermarket was marking down items from as much as £13 to 1p.

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The website's forums were filled with gleeful shoppers claiming they had made huge savings in Tesco. These savings were made on a children's game which retailed at £12.97, a £10 Disney jumper, £8 Totes umbrellas, £7 Belkin leather iPod cases and many other items which when put through the till, all came up as costing one penny.

While many were quick to assume that Tesco had some kind of glitch in their systems, the supermarket claimed that there was no such error. It was a legitimate reduction in the price of discontinued items.

A Tesco spokesman said: "This is no computer glitch. These are discontinued products which have gone beyond the "reduced to clear" period.

"Our view is it is better these items are sold rather than being thrown away.

"It is completely random as to whether people come across the 1p items. But there are going to be some lucky customers out there who find the most amazing bargains."

Products which become discontinued become discounted by 25 per cent, then 50 per cent, then 75 per cent until a time limit runs out at which point the item is marked down to 1p.

But shoppers will not know the item is reduced until it is run through the till, so while you might want to run off to Tesco now and find some bargains, it might be more of lucky dip than a bargain hunt.

One lucky customer said: "I got a dressing-up costume for 1p, which is my bargain of the year and means one happy little boy come Christmas with the cheapest present ever."

Don't assume that the same product in another store will also be 1p and don't go to Tesco expecting a bargain. As one contributor said: "
This is a bit of fun, not a guaranteed deal."

Have you found any 1p bargains at Tesco or do you know of any other amazing high street deals? Leave a comment and share the wealth!