Best gadgets for on the go

In recent years there has been a huge increase in the production of gadgets and fancy electronic toys to pass the time of day. Advances in technology have meant that many of our favourite gizmos are now small enough to carry with us on our travels. Whether you are on a plane, train or sitting in a bar miles from home you can still watch a film, surf the web or find a translation for that tricky phrase. Let's take a look at the coolest gadgets on the market.

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Widescreen MP4 Player Watch. If you like your music then this one is for you. This Mp4 wrist-watch has 1GB of memory and features a 1.8 Inch TFT screen, MTV format movie player, built-in FM radio, built-in speaker and many more features besides Price £41.45

Kindle 2 Wireless Device. This is the first time you can get books delivered wirelessly while you're travelling. Don't worry if you are out of wireless range just download books to your PC or Mac and then transfer via USB to your Kindle. Price £199.95

AM / FM / Shortwave Travel Radio Alarm 7. Maybe not the newest kid on the block but a classic. This small pocket shortwave radio allows you to hear the BBC world service and others from almost anywhere in the world. Whilst some of your other gadgets have an FM tuner it's unlikely they have shortwave which is really what you need.
Price £30.00

Sony MDR-NC11 Fontopia noise-cancelling earphones. Anybody who has used these will tell you they are worth it. Great for shutting out constant background noise such as on a plane. You may be best served by getting earplug headphones that are less prone to damage.
Price £37.07

WiFi detector at If you are always travelling with a laptop and frequently find yourself hanging around in cafes and bars, this could be the travel gadget for you. It will find available wireless hotspots in seconds and requires no software to get started.
Price £7.49

Kodak Zi6 HD pocket camcorder at The Zi6 allows you to capture HD quality video and record hours of video with the expandable SD/SDHC card slot. It holds up to 32 GB.
Price £90.99

Pocket Cinema at IWOOT As small as a mobile phone with inbuilt stereo speakers and ability to project movies and pictures up to a staggering 50 inches wide, and because of the built-in media player you can leave your laptop at home and save all of your favourite movies to the 1GB of memory built into the Pocket Cinema.
Price £299

Travel translator at IWOOT. The Travel Translator is one of the niftiest gadgets on the market. Ideal for the regular traveller. It not only says the phrase you need out loud in the language of your choosing but will say it in your language as well as the translated one. At least that way you know exactly what you're saying and can avoid any faux pas.
Price £39.99

The Gorilla Pod. It's been a while coming but now there is a compact, tough and flexible travel camera tripod that does the business. It comes in both compact and SLR sizes. Its ingenious design means it will support your camera pretty much anywhere.
Price £17.99

E-Pen. Remotely capture, save and convert handwritten notes to editable text. Plug it in and remotely captured notes are saved to your PC and converted to typed text to then be imported into MS Office applications like Word®. The pen also has mouse functionality for use with the 'digital inking' and 'tablet PC' features.
Price: £58.00