National organic fortnight

The Soil Association's Organic Fortnight is the UK's largest celebration of the organic industry. From the 3 – 17 September they are hoping we will all try something organic everyday during the two weeks and have come up with some great initiatives to get everyone involved. The organisation are hoping these events will encourage new growth in the organic market and change people's perception that the industry is elitist. So the theme this year is all about accessibility and affordability. Here are some ways that you can join in.

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Use the fortnight to understand why organic is good for your you and the planet. It's kind to animals and wildlife and allows us a real impact on the world around us just by the way we shop.

If you would like to make the most of all things organic then perhaps you could visit an organic farm? There are hundreds of organic founds across the UK and a visit will make for a fun day out for all the family.

At the Soil Association Organic Farm School you can learn from the experts at Soil Association Organic Farm School from baking your own bread, keeping bees and chickens. You could also try your hand at growing your own food or get involved in rural crafts. Why not treat yourself to an organic holiday? Start looking out for organic clothes on your high street. Change some of your cosmetics to organic and fill the vegetable cupboard with organic produce.

Why not attend the Soil Association Organic Food Festival? This popular event is a highlight of the fortnight and is back on 11 & 12 September at Bristol Harbour side. It's the tenth year for the festival and this time round you can join the organisers as they celebrate the full spectrum of organic fare with hundreds of stalls showcasing all kinds of delicious food and drink, organic clothes and beauty products.

Why not go organic for your hols? Take yourself off to the countryside and join your one of nearly 200 working organic farms that welcomes visitors to cottages, farm buildings, campsites and even the odd yurt.

Why not hold an all-organic dinner party? Invite friends and family over for a banquet of organic goodies and help raise money for the Soil Association. From the wine to the food on your plate you can keep everything organic and see just how easy it is to make the change.