The V8 hotel - petrolhead paradise


Plenty of us have probably had a short snooze in the car, preferably at a motorway services rather than on the road itself, but if you're visiting Stuttgart in Germany, you can sleep in a car converted into a bed.

All the cars used were damaged beyond economic repair, so their re-arrangement into items of furniture shouldn't cause too much angst for car-loving visitors, and every room is differently themed.
The V8 hotel, handily located next door to a car museum, offers you the chance to sleep behind the front-end of a 1960s Mercedes stack headlight saloon – the tail-end provides a base for the TV unit – or with the nose of a Morris Minor resting at the foot of your double divan.

The Morris's engine provides the legs for a glass-topped table.

Just so that your hapless partner knows what they're in for, the foyer is generously littered with displays of complete cars.

Those worried about sharing their night with 300kg of scrap metal can pick rooms merely decorated with motorsport or road trip murals.

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