Guide to men's grooming

Men are becoming more and more conscious about their appearance and male grooming products are big business. Nose hair, dry skin, damaged nails and unruly hair may have been acceptable once but not now. Whether you're dating or going for that crucial interview you need to know how to keep yourself looking your best. Here are some tips to get you started.

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It's a fact that male skin is 20 per cent thicker than woman's. It's tougher and ages more slowly but this changes at 40 when deterioration occurs more rapidly. At this point the skin becomes extra sensitive and is prone to dehydration. This is the time to take action and start a skin care regime.

Male skin is prone to blocked pores so wash your face thoroughly twice a day with a good cleanser. This will get rid of any grease and dirt, preventing pores from becoming blocked. A facial scrub once a week will remove any dead skin cells and keep your skin fresh and bright. It's important to remember to use products specially formulated for men, you won't have any problem finding something to suit you as most leading brands offer a wide range of male products. Moisturising is a must, it protects and softens and if you want to slow the hands of time you could try a wrinkle cream to smooth lines. Ideally you should moisturise at least once a day to keep your skin soft and supple.

Facial hair can be quite unattractive. Trim nose-hair with clippers and use tweezers to remove straggly eyebrows or book yourself in for a professional eyebrow trim or wax. A clean-shaven face will also make you feel better and can really smarten up your appearance. If you do sport a beard make sure it's well maintained and trimmed regularly.

How about your eyes? No one wants to look into puffy, red eyes with dark circles. Invest in an eye gel to refresh your look and tackle those bags. If you have been burning the midnight oil then try a serum or fatigue gel, it's a great pick-me-up.

Use lip balm. Most women do this as a matter of course and so should you, especially in cold weather. This will help you avoid chapped or cracked lips. It won't make them shiny it just moisturizes the lips and protects them from wind and chill, making them soft and succulent.

A good haircut can make a dramatic difference to your appearance. Try something different like a shorter cut than you are used to or even a new colour. There are lots of male hair grooming products available and these can help you to get the look you want.

Try making an appointment for a proper hair salon. You can get some advice on your hair like the different styles that suit certain face shapes. A stylist will be able to help you choose the right haircut for you. A good haircut does wonders for your self confidence and along with the right hair products can help you look your best at all times.

Wash your hair regularly to keep it in good condition and this includes using a conditioner. If you have dandruff use anti-dandruff shampoo. It also helps if you wash your hair everyday and brush it thoroughly to help remove any dandruff build up.

Rough, dry skin is a real turn off. Hands covered in dry, rough patches with broken and damaged nails will make a lasting impression of the wrong kind. Why not try a professional manicure and use hand cream regularly. It's not just your hands either, feet can often get neglected but you can put this right with a professional pedicure.

If you are ashamed of your teeth then why not fix the problem with some whitening. This usually means bleaching your teeth at your dentists. Ask for a consultation. Once completed your dentist will compare your teeth with a shade guide, and will probably ask to see you again to monitor your progress. The most common side effect associated with bleaching is tooth sensitivity but this is fairly mild and fades with time.