Texting replaces talking in the home

Is technology to blame for the breakdown of communication and the increase of laziness? Judging by a recent survey about the use of text messages in the home, it certainly appears so.

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Instead of calling upstairs that dinner is ready, parents are now texting their children to tell them their food is on the table. Researchers say that families are communicating via text things that they used to call to each other in their homes such as 'food's ready', 'are you up?' and 'turn the TV down!'

The survey, commissioned by electronics retailer Best Buy, revealed that women aged between 3 and 44 were most likely to 'text talk', far more than men, which led the researchers to conclude that mothers are in fact sending orders or nagging via text rather than shouting across the house.

Participants in the survey admitted to texting other members of their households to ask them to put the kettle on or for help with a tricky crossword puzzle.
A surprisingly large number of people regularly texted someone in the same room as themselves, often when flirting.

Even in the workplace, texting has become the norm rather than old-fashioned talking.

Another survey, commissioned by online texting service Textplus.com, found that employees often text their bosses to tell them they will be late or are sick and others use texts to communicate with colleagues who are in meetings.

The survey also found that 11 per cent of students and graduates think it's fine to ask their boss for a raise using a text message.

Do you think that using text messages is all part of our rapidly developing technological world or do you think it is destroying communication and making us lazy? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.