How to get a flat stomach

We all feel overweight sometimes and the most obvious indicator that we are carrying a few extra pounds is an extra layer around our middle. If you are having trouble doing your buttons up or would prefer to have a washboard rather than a spare tyre for a tummy what should you do? Getting that flat stomach will require effort and discipline but it's worth it in the end. Here is some advice on the best way to get that beach perfect six-pack.

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What food you eat is a major factor when it comes to shifting weight. Start by looking at your protein consumption. If you are a meat eater then animal protein like lean meat, poultry and fish, preferably grilled or steamed is good. Try modest quantities of whole-grains, green vegetables, root vegetable, cabbage and broccoli. When it comes to drinks you should be choosing water, tea and herbal tea.

Avoid sauce heavy dishes, fried food, milk, yoghurt and cheese. It's also best to steer clear of white bread, fizzy drinks and juice. As you might expect, sweets, cakes and pastries are also out. The following foods will also leave you feeling bloated: refined pasta, rice and semolina.

Bloating is an indicator you are not digesting your food properly. Eating more fibre and drinking plenty of water will help your digestion and ease bloating. Eat at regular intervals sitting down. Take your time and chew slowly. Cooked food is preferable to raw and takeaways are definitely off the menu.

To get your flat stomach you will need to combine exercise with a healthy diet. It's essential to burn calories and break down fat by being active. Whatever muscles you have won't be visible because of the fat, so shifting it is essential if you want a flat stomach. Taking exercise will also improve posture and assist with digestion and absorption.

Endurance sports will help you burn off lots of calories. If you fancy a moderate level of exercise then the good news is that walking will lose you significant calories. Jogging, swimming, cycling are all excellent aerobic sports.

If you can manage 40 minutes moderate exercise your body will start to draw its energy from fat reserves. You will soon notice that there is a little more room in your clothes if you can achieve this. If you are prepared to invest two or three hour-long sessions a week you will be well on your way to slipping into those jeans you always wanted to wear.

To get perfect abs you need to exercise your abdominal muscles. Only 10 minutes each morning is required to achieve a six-pack and slimmer figure.

Working on your posture will also pay dividends in the stomach department. Try pilates, yoga, and aerobics or simply hold yourself straight, sitting with bad posture causes abdominal slackness.

The Wii Fit can make your workout a lot more fun and you have the advantage of being at home. There are plenty of fitness programmes including yoga, step aerobics and snowboarding.

The stomach is the central receptor of our mental state. Emotional shock, depression and stress can result in bloating and problems with bowel movements. Breathing deeply will help. Try following an introductory yoga course.

Practice abdominal breathing. One way is to lie flat on your stomach and hold your stomach in. Inhale, first opening your thoracic cage, then your abdomen, hold your breath for a few moments and breathe out.