Iphones and Iphone apps that save you money

There are a number of fun iPhone apps to wile away the time, around 140,000 according to Apple. Many of these apps will also save you cash which is quite handy in the current climate. It's estimated that savings of around two billion were made in 2009 and with competition fierce that figure is set to grow. Here are 10 of our favourite cash savers.

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ATM Hunter will help you avoid using machines that charge you £2.50 to withdraw cash. You can even make sure you are going to one that offers specific services such as deposits as well as finding one from your own bank.
Cost: Free

Red Laser. Use you iPhone's camera to scan the barcode of an item in a shop and this app will search for the best price on Amazon and Google Product Search. It's particularly useful for the more expensive items.
Cost: £1.19

Meter Readings. You can enter your own electricity, gas and water meter readings to get an accurate bill instead of the estimated one. You can also keep a running total of how much you are using.
Cost: Free

Morethan Car Claim. Should you have an accident then there is an app that can help you. It makes sure you take down all the relevant details and gives you the option of taking photos of the damage. It will also record the GPS coordinates.
Cost: Free

Find Free Parking. This is a very useful app for anyone who drives in built up areas and cities. It can tell you where you can leave your car for free. It will send you the address and directions of how to get there.
Cost £1.79

Currency. If you are off on holiday then you can use this app for exchange rate information on more than 90 currencies. It tracks, the US dollar, Japanese yen, Philippine peso, Thai baht and Turkish lira amongst others, allowing you work out how much you're spending while you're on your travels.
Cost: Free

0870 will give you a list of lower cost alternatives when you don't want to pay for the full 0870 cost on your mobile.
Cost: Free

Vouchercloud is a great app for finding the nearest offers and discounts to you. Pick an offer and the voucher will be sent to your iPhone.
Cost: Free

Petrol PricesPro. I wanted to avoid using apps which you had to pay for in this round up but I think Petrol Prices Pro justifies its cost. The comprehensive app lists prices and locations of the nearest petrol stations. It also lets you save the information about your favourite searches. A great app that will earn back its cost in a couple of petrol stops.
Cost: 2.99

Shareprice. Track your investments with streaming share prices, delivered by Interactive Investor. Watch multiple portfolios and synchronise with your login to the website.
Cost: Free