Outdoor lighting

There's an easy way to transform your garden into a great living space. With just a little investment in some outdoor lighting you can make your garden or patio a real focal point when you entertain. It's great to be outside during the summer months and you can make the most of the warmer evenings by lighting up your garden. So, as the light fades you can continue your night without being forced inside. In the shorter months, when the weather permits, you can dine alfresco. Whether you have patios, porches or decking, have a look at our guide to the most popular outdoor lighting options.

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Low voltage lighting is available in a variety of strengths but will supply enough light to be used for evening activities. A power pack will supply the electricity and it's controlled by an automatic timer. It's shockless and safe to use with children. It's also cost effective and easy to install.

Solar Lighting does not require any wiring and is the most energy-efficient way to light your outside space. It also costs nothing to operate and is better for the environment. It is not ideal to light large areas and does not provide sufficient illumination for cooking. It's best when used to highlight pathways and garden features.

Down lighting is a technique that makes pathways and walkways safe at night. The light emanates downwards, below the fixture, to light the area and make it safe for travel. It's ideal for steps and perfect to highlight patios.

Back lighting aims the light onto surfaces behind the object that you want to be lit. Backlighting is a good way to accent landscaping in your garden and can light up fences, trellises or walls.

Up lighting can be used to create shadows and patterns of light to make the most of fountains, gardens and your home. The best way to use this type of lighting is to place it in front and below the object to be lit.

Accent lighting will allow you to highlight certain favourite features such as garden topiary, plants, trees, carvings, windows, doorways and fountains. Install the lights a short distance from the feature and angle the beam to shine directly at it.

Deck lighting can be purchased in different sizes, colours and materials to match and outline the shape of your decking. Light emitting diodes will give you low energy outdoor lighting for the modern garden. There are many kinds of design available with all manner of finishes including stainless steel, natural copper and brass finishes.

Underwater lighting
is the perfect way to get the most out of your garden's main feature. Underwater spotlights use long life, low energy led. modules or halogen lamps. They can be used to light water features such as fountains, ponds, waterfalls, statues, water walls and wall fountains. Lighting through water will cause the light to shimmer and refract, bringing another dimension to your garden.