Samba baby video goes viral

Think you're a good dancer? Bet you're not as good as this baby. A video of a Brazilian baby dancing the samba has become a massive internet hit gaining over 300 million hits in just one week.

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Two-year-old Luiz Otavio features in this hilarious video dancing, pretty well for a baby, on his family's kitchen table.

The home video shows Luiz swinging his hips, waving his arms and dancing like a carnival expert - all while wearing his nappy.

The footage became a global hit after it was posted on an Argentinian social networking site called Taringa. Many people initially believed the video was a fake and had been doctored somehow to make it seem as though Luiz was dancing.

But a second video of the toddler shaking his booty appeared soon after to prove that there was no trickery involved.

Chris Bicourt, an expert samba dancer from the London School Of Samba, watched the video and was impressed by young Luiz's dancing.

Chris said: "I've watched it three times and am sure it's real, even though it is hard to believe. He should come to teach us a few moves."

Watch the video and decide for yourself if it's genuine or a forgery and leave a comment below to tell us what you think.