Dr Death offers body parts for sale

Have you ever wanted a part of a lung or slice of human body to adorn your home? These gruesome body parts and more are now being sold by Dr Gunther von Hagens, the man behind the controversial Body Worlds exhibition.

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The German scientist, known as Dr Death in his home country, is the inventor of plastination, the process of replacing body fluids with hardened silicon in corpses in order to preserve them. His exhibits have toured the world and were almost banned in the UK due to their controversial nature.

Opponents of Dr von Hagens' work include religious leaders who believe it is a "sublime form of cannibalism". However, the doctor argued that his work is acceptable since "corpses have no souls".

But now there is bound to be even more controversy since the doctor has recently opened up his "plastinarium", which is a museum, teaching center and body preparations facility. The plastinarium has a mail order service from which medical professionals may now buy plastinated pieces of human or animal bodies.

Prices for body parts range from £100 up to £14,000. As yet members of the public would not be allowed to buy them, however it is unclear how this will be enforced. Before long it could be that anyone will be able to have these grisly sculptures in their homes.

Do you think it is right that pieces of human bodies should be sold in this manner? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.