The Oscars - most successful past winners

The Oscars are just around the corner and for the movie industry a lot can hinge on the outcome. Winning an award will certainly be a defining moment for a film and will almost certainly mean great box office takings. It's not just the revenue from cinemas either, success at the Academy Awards can create a gold mine in terms of spin offs and DVD sales.

Top 10 Oscar-winning
  1. The Sound of Music
  2. The Exorcist
  3. Star Wars
  4. E.T the Extra Terrestrial
  5. Jaws
  6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  7. Doctor Zhivago
  8. Gone with the Wind
  9. Mary Poppins
  10. The Jungle Book

There are plenty of examples of great films that didn't get even a single nomination. Dirty Harry, Reservoir Dogs, The 39 Steps and The Big Sleep were all overlooked. The Harry Potter series has made over five and half billion dollars but sadly, although it has received nominations, has yet to pick up an Oscar.

The most successful film to win an Oscar is Titanic. It has grossed nearly two billion dollars at the box office, showing a handsome profit, despite costing two million to make. With 11 Oscars to its credit it will take some beating as the most successful film ever.

Hot on its heels, especially in terms of Oscars won, is the third of Peter Jackson's trilogy The Lord of The Rings: Return of The King. This fantasy classic picked up 11 Oscars and made a tidy one billion dollars at the box office.

Factor in inflation and one film emerges as a clear winner. Gone with the Wind picked up 10 academy awards and made more than $400 million at the box office. In today's terms, that equates to a more than respectable six billion dollars

The Lord of the Rings trilogy has made some serious money, especially when you consider two of the three films are in the top 10 highest grossing movies. Add to this the fact the trilogy has accumulated 17 Oscars and made over three billion dollars it has to be the most successful film trilogy ever.

Ben Hur picked up 11 Oscars and with some inflationary adjustments made a respectable $702 million.

What and who are your favourite Oscar-winning films and actors?