Cheryl Cole gives in to marriage counselling

A week ago, the idea that Cheryl and Ashley Cole would even consider marriage counselling would have been met with laughter. But in the world of showbiz couples anything is possible and it seems Ashley's relentless begging has finally worn down Cheryl's resolve.

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According to recent reports, the couple are set to meet with marriage counsellors in a bid to save their tattered partnership. Just when this sudden change of heart occurred is unclear but a source told the Daily Mail yesterday that Cheryl now understands that she may have "let him down as a wife". If, by let him down, she means striving to further her own career and work hard for the success that she has achieved, then possibly.

The Daily Mail source said: "In essence, she is starting to accept his claim that it is not solely his fault their marriage collapsed."

But Ashley is rumoured to have played the "victim of circumstance" card, sobbing over how he is regularly used and abused by kiss-and-tell blondes (four of them, to be precise). And then there is the mother-in-law to consider. Perhaps Ashley was forced into the arms of several other women because Cheryl's mum Joan had ruined their sex life.

Whether counselling can save the marriage remains to be seen. After all, even the most conscientious of counsellors would surely be guilty of gritting their teeth where Ashley's behaviour is concerned. Since Cheryl has already once forgiven Ashley (for a romantic liaison with hairdresser Aimee Walton in 2008), she would do well to remember the old adage 'once bitten, twice shy'.

Do you believe Cheryl is right to try to salvage her marriage to Ashley, or is it time to cut her losses and run?