Recycling mobile phones

With spring just around the corner isn't it time to have a clear out and get rid of those unwanted mobiles? There are over four billion mobile phones in circulation around the world; most of which end up in the landfill. Only four per cent of unused mobile phones in the UK are recycled.

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That means millions of us have phones hidden around the house that could be making us money or helping raise money for charity. With phones being replaced on average every 18 months it is important we start to recycle. Mobile phones contain toxic chemicals that contaminate the earth and water and costs millions to treat. Recycling your phone will reduce landfill and many of the components can be used again in other products.

There are lots of ways you can recycle your mobile. If you want to do something for charity then your local schools, hospitals, youth groups and churches would be a good place to start. Many organisations are recycling old phones to raise funds. You can donate directly to major charities and they will put the profits to good use.

Just search them on the web or pop into your high street charity shop, most will at least supply you with a freepost address. Nearly all the network providers now offer a recycling scheme. Many of the phones will be sent to poorer countries for use, just check out their websites for more details.

If you just want to raise some much needed funds by cashing in on your old phone then it's fairly straight forward. There are dozens of sites that will offer you money for your mobile. Your phone needs to be in good condition, have the original battery and working for you to get any decent money.

The amount of cash you get will depend on the quality of the phone and how recent it is. You will be given a price and sent a jiffy bag to return your phone, freepost. Up to 20 per cent of phones are rejected but you may be offered a reduced price. Alternatively, the phone will be returned to you. It is advisable to try a price comparison search first to make sure you get the most for that old phone.