Find a partner for Valentine's Day

Are you fed up with being single on Valentine's Day? It's the time of year when the whole country seems to be talking about relationships. If you are not in one then why not begin your search for that missing romance.

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If you are tired of being footloose and fancy free it's time to take action. First off, start thinking about the type of person you would like to date. It's the first step to finding that significant other. If you don't know the type of person you want to be with, how can you find them?

You also need to be clear what type of relationship you want: casual, serious, marriage. Once you have made up your mind it's time to go and look for Mr or Mrs Right. Having your own interests is vital. Going to classes, joining groups and generally following your own path will make you more interesting and attractive to others

Cast your net wide by telling friends and family that you are looking for a soul mate. There may be a potential partner right under your nose. Don't worry if you have a hectic lifestyle. Thousands of us work long hours, commute to work and arrive home with little time for socialising. The Internet can help you. There are lots of online dating agencies to suit every taste and thousands of Brits have found happiness via an internet dating site. Signing up is fairly simple and you don't always have to pay. There are free sites you can join, so why not log on today?

The web isn't the only way to get started. You could have a go at speed dating or try a singles night. Going to evening classes is a good way of meeting new people. Why not check the notice board at your local college and sign up for a course. You may not find the person of your dreams at first but don't be put off. Most people remain single because they are afraid of the dating processes. You have to decide you really want to meet someone and go for it.