Net yourself some cash

We aren't all able to become dot com millionaires but there are still plenty of ways to boost your income online. From surveys to starting you own website, here are some tips to help you cash in...

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Surveys, cashback and online answers
There are some sure-fire steady earners such as online surveys and questionnaires. Market research companies will pay you for completed surveys. These are simple and quick ways to earn money. Be warned though, this is not the most riveting work but it is effective. Try YouGov, Ciao, panelbase or Valued Opinions. They pay cash, roughly £0.50 - 3.00. Many of the surveys will enter you for a prize draw rather than cash. Ciao will also allow you to write reviews if you are a member. It's worth checking your organisation with The Market Research Society before signing as there are plenty of fraudulent sites out there. Some sites will pay you cash back for shopping with them. Get some instant cash by signing up with Rpoints or Cashbackshopper. What about supplying text answers for money? Again, this isn't lucrative but could net you £10 per hour for answering random questions; ansanow and textperts will tell you more.

Forgotten accounts

A quick way to get some cash is to search the internet for your past bank accounts. Mylostaccount will look for your abandoned account. There are estimated to be around £1 billion in unclaimed funds. This is a one off though.

Become a blogger

A more permanent plan may be to set up a website or blog. Write about your favourite subject and you can earn money through advertising or through affiliations. Typepad or Wordpress will guide you through the process of setting up. Google's AdSense can give pointers on which ads will suit your site.

Flog it

You may want to try your hand at selling through sites such as Ebay. The good news is that people do make decent money and Britain is the world's busiest Ebay nation. Whether you are selling the odd item of clothing, sporting goods or using the site as a major distribution channel, there is money to be made. If you want to get serious about selling online then you can set up a shop. You can do this on Ebay. You could try the Mr Site Takeaway website. The fees are reasonable, £35.00 per month, and give you everything you need to set up your shop online.

Sell your photos

A sure bet to boost the coffers is to sell photographs to image agencies. iStockphoto can give a photographer the chance to earn money per download. The types of photos that make money are famous landmarks, city shots, sunsets and landscapes. There is no such thing as a free lunch and most online money earners will be time consuming or low paid. You need to be patient and be prepared to accumulate a body of work that brings in a regular trickle of money, rather than trying to hit the jackpot.