Best ways to keep fit

Want to get fit but don't like the gym? Here are a few suggestions to help you on the road to fitness.

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British military fitness
If your idea of fun is being shouted at by a man in uniform then a British Military Fitness class could be your cup of tea. Classes are held in local parks throughout the UK, and tailor to all abilities. They combine running, press-ups and other exercises, with the added bonus of fresh-air . You can even sign-up for a free trial class to help you decide.

Street dance
Want to move like your favourite music star? Then look for street dance classes, where you can learn all the latest hip-hop moves. If that's not your thing you could always try Salsa, which gives you the chance to try out some moves on a hot stranger.

It's cheap and cheerful and investment costs are minimal, you just need a tracksuit and trainers. Because you're constantly moving as you try to follow the ball, it gives you a whole body work-out. Ask at your local sports centre or set-up a group with friends.
Netball isn't just for women, but the above also applies to football if you're that way inclined. Which is always a great way to run-off your hangover in the park on a Sunday morning.

On your bike
Using a bike will save you money as well as tone your body. It's a good cardiovascular exercise, that should also firm up your muscles. It's also another exercise you can do with others as you can take out the whole family instead of watching re-runs on the TV.

What great ways have you found to get fit? Tell us all about it.