Dream holiday destinations

Now is the perfect time to book your summer holiday. It will give you something to look forward to, plus you'll find some of the best bargains if you book early.

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Can't decide where to go? Here are some of our favourite dream destinations.


Thailand is the most popular destination in Asia, offering stunning beaches, incredible temples, night markets and great food. Whether you want five-star luxury or prefer to backpack you won't be disappointed. You can book tailor-made packages around your interests, from cookery lessons to scuba diving, or just grab a decent guide book and explore.


There are some great offers on fly-drives and the kids will love Disneyland. The weather is great all-year round, earning it the name of the 'Sunshine State'. With fantastic beaches, theme parks, film studios and the Everglades to explore, it's the perfect family destination. It's a big place, so be prepared to hire a car and drive to the best attractions. (Luckily petrol is still much cheaper than in the UK).

New Zealand

It may be a small country (roughly the size of the UK) but New Zealand really does have everything you could want in terms of landscape, from forests to glaciers and amazing beaches. There are two islands, the North and South. The two are linked by a short boat trip or flight. Not as hot as its nearest neighbour Australia, the climate is moderate. You can surf, rock climb, whale watch or just relax and enjoy the great food and wine. It's well worth the long flight but do make sure you have a few weeks to explore before making the long haul back.

Canary Islands
Closer to home, this has always been a popular destination due to the excellent climate. It is actually a group of Islands, seven in all, with Tenerife and Gran Canaria being the most popular. There are superb beaches, forests and amazing lunar landscapes to see. Best of all, it's just a four-hour flight away and offers spring like weather all-year round.