New Year resolutions: getting in shape

January is when a million resolutions to get fit are made, then promptly broken by February. However, it doesn't have to be that way, it's all about finding something you enjoy that will keep you motivated. Below are a few ideas, and for the gym-phobic, they don't all include the treadmill or weight-machines.

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Mixed martial arts
Mixed martial arts (MMA, as it is more commonly known) has become popular in recent years. Especially as it's now more widely watched than boxing, due to the fierce-looking cage-fighting. But it's not just about pounding your opponent, it involves taking a mix of martial arts (grappling, kick-boxing) and skillfully combining them. And you don't have to fight, it can be a great training tool and firms up your body within weeks. Just make sure you find a class you feel comfortable with, and you could be a convert.

It's not all marathon training, you can take part in a variety of runs, all you need is some running gear and decent trainers. It's also one of the most-effective ways of losing calories, and you can join a running club to have others to share the pleasure (or pain with). Runners World UK has lots of tips from beginner to pro level, as well as a busy forum and running plans.

Join the gym

Okay, the old faithful can't be discounted. Especially as weight training adds muscle which makes you stronger and helps to burn calories. It's about finding the gym that suits your needs and wallet. So begin by shopping around and ask for guest passes, as most gyms are more than happy to entice you in with sampling the facilities. Some gyms are more expensive, but have added luxuries you'll appreciate, but if you want something cheaper that still does the job local council gyms are usually more than adequate.

Have you found anything that works for you? Swap fitness tips with others.