How to reduce your energy bills

If you want to save the environment and also save some cash, there are lots of ways to do it. Here is a selection to help you on your way.

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Turn-off appliances
Do not leave appliances on standby, and don't leave laptops/mobile phones charging for too long (also a fire risk).

Turn down your thermostat
Reduce your heating temperature. Also, if your boiler allows it make sure it's pre-programmed, so it only comes on as needed.

Turn off lights when leaving a room
Your house doesn't need to be like Blackpool illuminations. Get into the habit of turning off lights as you go.

Turn down your water temperature
According to the Energy Saving Trust, It only needs to be at 60°C/140°F.

Save up your washing (clothes and plates)
Fill-up the washing machine, tumble dryer or dish-washer, as a full load uses less energy than two half-loads.

Draw your curtains
A simple one. Make sure you close your curtains at dusk to conserve heat, and open them in the morning to let in the sun (particularly if the room gets lots of sunlight).

Switch providers to save cash
Finally, if you want some advice on cheaper utility providers, have a look at the Martin Lewis consumer site, There are lots of tips about how to get the best deal, along with forums to discuss ideas.

For further information on saving energy visit the Energy Saving Trust. What tips have helped you save energy? Tell us about them...