Christmas presents for pets

Christmas is nearly here, and it's time to work out what to get the faithful companion in your life. No, not your partner, we mean your furry feline, faithful dog or fishy friend. Here's a selection to get you thinking.

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Kong toys
Any mutt would appreciate these. There is a wide selection to choose from, including a Kong to put their dinner in (mix dried food with a bit of natural yoghurt and place inside, just watch they don't make a mess of your carpet) to squeaky Kong toys to keep your puppy happy. They're available from most larger pet shops and online retailers such as Pet-Supermarket.

Catnip treats
Cats go crazy for catnip. has a great selection including "Fluffy Teasers" that combine a play ball with catnip. Your cat will have the purr-fect Christmas toy.

Fishy fun
If you want to make watching your goldfish a more exciting experience, what about the R2 Fish School Kit?
Train your fish to swim through hoops, and even play football. Beats watching Christmas re-runs yet again!

Christmas stockings
So they're not left-out this Christmas, buy your much-loved pet a stocking for their bed/resting place. Most of the pet retailers have a wide selection, filled with nibbles and little toys, for all types of different pets.

If you'd like some more inspiration, go to AOL Classifieds and search for "pets".

Do you know what you are getting your pet this Christmas? Share your pet present ideas...