Top 10 kids toys for Christmas

If you want some peace on Christmas Day, you'd better get the presents right for the children in your life. Have a look at the top 10 toys for Christmas 2009, and find out more below.

Top toy searches:
  1. Nintendo Dsi
  2. Ben 10 Alien Force Kevins DV Action Cruiser
  3. Monopoly City
  4. Barbie Dream Townhouse
  5. Sylvanian Families Caravans
  6. Transformers Optimus Prime
  7. Lego Minotaurus
  8. Kidizoom camera
  9. Princess Peppa's palace
  10. Go Go Pets Hamsters
The latest handheld console from Nintendo is the Nintendo DSi. It's a great way to keep them occupied as unlike the Nintendo Wii, they'll just happily sit in the corner with their latest game. Plus, you can even steal it from them if you want some peace yourself, as there's a wide selection of games to choose from.

Monopoly City is a game for the Thatcher generation, a twist on the original in that you pretend to be a property developer. A great opportunity to show your kids how to make money from bricks and mortar (or more-like show them how to lose it).

OK, it's not that cheap, currently on Amazon for a cool £199.99, but for the little princess in your life the Barbie Pink Dream Townhouse is the ultimate in Christmas gifts. Naturally, it's full of pink decor (including a pink lift), along with a light-up fridge and an outdoor whirlpool tub.

Moving swiftly away from the pink theme, is the Transformers Optimus Prime toy. Get ready to transform from trucks to robots, and back again. Though if it's been a while you may have to ask a child to show you how to do the "transforming" as the toys have moved-on from the olden days.

If don't want to buy a pet (and remember, they are for life and not just for Christmas) you can always get the children a Go Go Pet Hamster. The latest in smart toy technology they are warm and cuddly and scurry around just like real hamsters. But minus the mess and feeding costs.

What are you getting for kids this Christmas? Tell us what is top of your list...