Successful flirting at the Christmas bash

Have you been casting furtive glances at that certain someone across the photocopier? Well, the upcoming Christmas party is the ideal time to flirt with your target. But it's a minefield, be too shy and you'll be part of the wallpaper, and go too far and you'll be the workplace gossip for weeks. Here are a few tips to get you in the mood for some full-on festive flirting.

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To begin with, keep it light. You may have had a crush on Mark from sales all year, but now is not the time to become a heat-seeking missile. Less is definitely more. Start with some eye contact when they are stood nearby. Have a few sneaky looks, and if they hold your gaze for just a little bit too long keep looking back. If they smile, now is the time to return it.

Once you're past the smiling stage and you've sashayed your way across, remember to stay relaxed. Keep your voice low and smile. When talking to them, copy their body language, but keep it subtle so they're not freaked-out by you "mirroring" them. This technique should work as psychologists believe people are more comfortable with those whose movements are in synch with their own.

Women, put your hands into your hair and show the inside of your wrists and arms. This is successful as that part of the body is something that most men find attractive.

If all else fails, get out the mistletoe. You can always pretend it's just a light-hearted Christmas peck if you see a look of horror. Just remember to stay away from the boss. If you do something you'll regret it'll bring a whole new meaning to pay negotiations in 2010.

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