Celebrate St. Andrew's Day

When most people think of Scottish celebrations Hogmanay or Burns night usually comes to mind. But another major one is on the 30 November for the patron saint of Scotland, St. Andrew.

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Andrew became the patron saint of Scotland from the 10th century onwards. According to the bible "Andrew the Apostle" was one of the disciples of Jesus and also a disciple of John the Baptist.

The Scottish flag (a white diagonal cross on a blue background) comes from the method in which Andrew was killed. He was supposedly martyred and crucified on an X-shaped cross which came to be known as the "St. Andrew's cross". The cross was meant to have been of his own choosing, as he didn't feel he was worthy enough to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus.

Various legends have sprung up about how Andrew became the patron saint of Scotland. Some say that the relics of Andrew were carried from Constantinople to where the modern Scottish town of St. Andrews now stands.

Today, the town of St. Andrews is not only known for its heritage but is also globally renowned for golf, with champions regularly participating in tournaments there. If you are in Scotland on St. Andrew's day, there will also be massive celebrations as it is the finale of the Homecoming Scotland year (the anniversary of the 250th birthday of Robert Burns).

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