Top Christmas presents for him

Christmas is coming, and it's time to think about what to get the man in your life. If you think anything of him, it's better to avoid the usual socks and tacky ties, as your dad might not appreciate adding to his ever growing-collection. And let's face it, if you want your fella to reciprocate with a thoughtful Valentine's treat next year, well now's the time to show a little imagination. Or it will be garage-bought flowers and a sickly card for you.

Top gifts for him searches:
  1. Christmas gifts for men
  2. Playstation
  3. Driving experiences
  4. iPhone
  5. Jack Daniels gift
  6. Late holiday deals
  7. Mens' shaving set
  8. Computer accessories
  9. Cheap football tickets
  10. HD video camcorder
Start by thinking of who you're buying for, their age and interests. Are they a gaming freak or always playing with gadgets, or perhaps gourmet cooking is more their thing? Gardening equipment could make a green-fingered male's Christmas a happy one and luxury aftershaves, grooming kits or designer gear will do for the metrosexual man.

Is he a sports nut? Perhaps tickets to a match or a replica kit would be the perfect gift. A driving experience day is almost as good as owning a Porsche or Lamborghini. Or if he just wants to see the world (and so do you) how about booking a last-minute holiday for him - that way you get to share the present! Another way to spend some quality time together is to get him an activity day. Or not, if you want some time to yourself. But at least it could keep them busy and hopefully put a smile on their face.

Men, maybe you could slip this article in front of your loved ones as a little reminder of what you'd really like this Christmas. That way, you may never have to suffer a discount shower gel selection ever again.

Check out our top gifts for him searches to help get your present-buying brain ticking over. Get clicking to see what gizmos and gifts could keep everybody happy this Christmas.

What do you think of the present selection? Tell us what you'd really like for Christmas.