World Hello Day - promoting world peace

This year November 21 is World Hello Day and a chance for all to communicate peacefully with anyone and everyone. All it takes to participate in this annual event is a simple greeting to ten (or more) people. The idea is to demonstrate the importance of personal communication for preserving peace.

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Launched in 1973, World Hello Day came as a response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel and since then, has been observed by people in 180 countries. Brian and Michael McCormack work together to promote the event, which is an opportunity for people around the world to express their concern for world peace.

It is hoped that the actions of many will send a message to world leaders and encourage the use of communication rather than force to settle conflict. So far 31 Nobel Peace Prize winners have already recognised World Hello Day as a valuable instrument for preserving peace and the likes of Kofi Annan, Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama (not to mention our very own monarch, Queen Elizabeth II) are among the many to have written letters in support of the event.

And why stop at your native language. World Hello Day is a global event and as such, an 'hola', 'dobry den', or 'nei ho' will certainly not go amiss.

As Ronald Reagan wrote in his letter: "Peace begins in the human heart when selfishness and fear are replaced by charity and hope. In reaching out to others in friendship, you spread the spirit that is the foundation for peace within the home, the community, the nation and the world." Now that can surely only be a good thing.

Let us know what you think. Is World Hello Day a valuable instrument for expressing the need for peace throughout the world?