Chocolate Week

This week is possibly my favourite week of the whole year: Chocolate Week. The best chocolatiers and chocolate shops around the UK are holding events to celebrate a week's worth of pure indulgence. Check out our top chocolate searches to get you in the mood.

Top chocolate searches:
  1. Godiva chocolate
  2. Pure dark chocolate
  3. Organic milk chocolate
  4. Chocolate bars
  5. Gourmet chocolate gifts
  6. Chocolate hamper
  7. Easter chocolate gifts
  8. Organic chocolate
  9. Chocolates by post
  10. Handmade chocolate truffles
If you take a look at the Chocolate Week website you'll be able to find events that are on near you. There are plenty of delicious tasting sessions to attend, product launches (with more tasting), you can try the services of a personal chocolate shopper, enter chocolate competitions, learn how to make truffles (and keep any you make), meet chocolate makers, drink chocolate cocktails and even try chocolate beer and chocolate pizza.

In case you weren't sure, although a chocolate pizza may resemble the tomato and cheese variety, it's only ingredient is chocolate, and perhaps a few marshmallows. However, the chocolate beer is just that, and sounds pretty revolting!

Are you a chocoholic? Have you attended any of the Chocolate Week events? Leave a comment and tell us all about your chocolate love.