Horse of the Year show

Showjumping, dressage, spectacular displays and more horses than you can shake a stick at - you can find all of this and more at the Horse of the Year show, which starts today. The extravaganza marks the end of the equestrian season - it is a champion of champions show lasting for 5 days. If you are fan of the GGs and didn't know the show was on, you can still buy tickets now by going to the Horse of the Year Show's website.

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The schedules over the 5 days will include showjumping and then showing for different breeds and types of horses such as New Forest and Welsh ponies, hunters, cobs, mares and stallions. One show not to be missed today is the miniatures where you can see tiny little horses about the same size as large dogs!

Also every day you can see the Pony Club mounted games - these are great fun to watch as incredibly talented under-15s show off their horsemanship by leaning off their ponies to grab mugs from tables or having relay races with their team members. It's a kind of school sports day with ponies. You can also watch the Horse of the Year Show musical that is showing every day in which 16 riders will don basketball player and cheerleader costumes to celebrate the High School prom.

If you want to catch a slightly more adult show, Daniel Naprous and his team of stuntmen - the Devil's Horsemen - has an impressive highly choreographed display every evening from 8.30pm.

Horseriding is an expensive sport so it's good that shows like the Horse of Year Show share equestrainism with everyone. Have you plenty of horsey experience? Would you like to experience horseriding but feel that the sport is too expensive? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.