Windows 7 is here

The highly anticipated Windows 7 operating system will be released on the 22nd October. After the launch of their last OS Windows Vista, which received a huge amount of bad reviews from disappointed customers, Windows 7 has got a lot of making up to do. Do you have a favourite OS? Vote here.

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Fortunately for Microsoft, their new release is already receiving positive feedback. Here are five of the new features you'll find in Windows 7 that you can look forward to using.

XP Emulator - If you still love XP but want to install Windows 7, never fear! You can still use XP applications in an emulated XP environment.

Jumplists - Lets you view recently accessed files by application. If the application used isn't open you can right-click on the icon of the application in the taskbar to view the list. You can also see your favourite music playlists without opening a media player.

Aero Shake - this is a tool for window management. When lots of applications are open and you want to minimise them all except for one, you click and hold the one you want to keep and shake it around. This makes the other windows minimise. Shake again and the windows will pop back up. This is such a useful app that it has been made available for XP and Vista in a free download.

Problem Steps Recorder - This is a support tool to help you when things go wrong with your computer. If there is a problem, click 'record' and a screenshot will be taken every time you click. You can also add comments to the screenshots. The comments and screenshots are saved in a zipped folder on your desktop so you can attach them to an email to a tech support.

Device Stage - This useful tool will help you control your devices such as printers, cameras, phones, mp3 players etc. When you plug these devices into your computer, installation, setup and use will be much easier to do as the application opens instantly and as well as all the installation stuff it also gives you a link to the seller's website and updates, manuals and all sorts of other useful information.

Many reviewers are already pleased with these and more new features in Windows 7, but what do you think? Will Windows 7 be a hit or a miss? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.