A very sad day

In one very sad day we lost two international celebrities: Keith Floyd and Patrick Swayze. Keith Floyd presented many cooking shows for the BBC and was never seen without a glass of wine in hand. His appearance and presenting style often came across as fairly shambolic but this quality endeared him to many fans across the country. Patrick Swayze had a prolific movie career and will probably be remembered especially for Dirty Dancing and Ghost. He recently starred in the TV series 'The Beast', in which his performance was heralded by many critics as show-stealingly good.

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Phil Collins may be disappointing some fans with the news that he may never play the drums again. An injury that resulted in dislocated vertebrae in his neck means that his hands are no longer able to take the strain of drumming. But he reassures his fans that it's not the end of his music career, he said, 'Don't worry, I can still sing.'

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, EastEnders will be broadcasting a live episode for the first time ever. The episode will be aired on Friday 19th February 2010 and is said to resolve a big storyline. It should be pretty terrifying for the actors being stripped of their chance to reshoot scenes. Every line and action will have to be spot on that night. Will you be watching for slip-ups?