Cycling Tour of Britain

Most people know about the Tour de France cycle race as it's a hugely puclicised event with lots of coverage, but perhaps fewer people are familiar with the Tour of Britain. This staged cycle event takes place throughout Britain and currently lasts 8 days (although in the past it has been shorter). This year the event starts off on the 12th September in Scunthorpe, then heads north to Darlington, the Scottish Borders and into Scotland, then Lancashire, Staffordshire, Somerset, Devon and a final stage in London. If you want to search for more information about cycling, use our top searches as a guide.
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Some of the top cyclists will be taking part in the race including Andy Schleck, who came second at the Tour de France, Mark Cavendish, the British cyclist who has won 10 stages in total at the Tour de France and Bradley Wiggins, another Brit who came fourth in this year's Tour de France and has won many Olympic medals.

It's only recently that there has been regular coverage of the Tour of Britain on television. Previously it seems that there was not enough interest in the event to spare the resources. It seems strange that a cycling race in France should enjoy more popularity than an event which takes place here in the UK. Although, perhaps with the stages taking place on our doorsteps, we can go and see the action taking place live rather than tuning in on our tellies! If you are interested and want to follow the race on TV, you can catch hour-long nightly highlights on ITV4 between 7-8pm. There are also repeats the following day so you won't miss any of the action!

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