Ferraris and fast cars - the Italian Grand Prix

Italy is synonymous with beautiful things: beautiful countryside, beautiful women and beautiful cars. Take the Ferrari for example. Since 1947, the Italian company has been producing drool-inducingly stunning road cars and racing cars that are each pieces of automobile art. The company's founder Enzo Ferrari's first love was racing and from the start his intention was to sponsor drivers rather than build road cars. His love of the sport proved to be fruitful as Ferrari have enjoyed great success in Formula 1.

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Fans of Formula 1 will have their eyes on the the Grand Prix circuit in Italy this week to see if Ferrari will score another win on their territory - as Kimi Haikkonen raced to victory for Ferrari last week in Belgium. The Italian Grand Prix is one of the longest running events of the racing calendar as it has been taking place since 1921. In the past 87 years, Ferrari have had the most wins at the Italian Grand Prix, 18 in total, and the driver who was won the most times there is Michael Schumacher. All of his 5 wins there were achieved with Ferrari.

As well as building the fastest F1 cars, Ferrari are also responsible for creating road cars and the stuff that little boys dream of and grown men aspire to. The 2008 Ferrari California is such a car. First driven by Michael Schumacher, the California's 460 horsepower engine can leap from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. And although you'll rarely get the chance to push it, the California's top speed is around 190mph. The DINO 246 GT boasts a powerful 6-cylinder engine alongside its elegant appearance and sleek, curved fenders and has been loved by stars such as Eric Clapton and Barbara Streisand. Then of course there is the eponymous ENZO. This supercar can reach top speeds of 226mph and has a beast of an engine with 660 horsepower. There were only about 400 produced and if you manage to find one for sale, it'd set you back around £800,000. Perhaps Nicolas Cage would be willing to part with his?

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