Derren Brown will make us millionaires

Yesterday, Derren Brown commandeered the entire Channel 4 network for his latest stunt - to predict at least 5 of the winning National Lottery numbers. The nation watched with baited breath as a nervous-looking Brown, hands covering his face, waited for the winning numbers to be drawn. Once the numbers were displayed, he excitedly revealed that he had predicted not 5 but all 6 winning numbers. Did you watch his stunt? Were you amazed? Or were you dubious about him not revealing his predictions before the lottery draw? Derren Brown promises to explain his methods on Friday and after that we'll all be buying lottery tickets. Here are the rest of today's top searches.

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Prince Harry will turn 25 years old next Tuesday, meaning that he will receive £9million from his mother's will. However, he will not be allowed to spend the bulk of the inheritance but instead will receive an estimated income of £300,000 a year until his 30th birthday when he will be entitled to the whole amount. It's unlikely that Harry will get to do much spending just yet as he is currently training to be a helicopter pilot with the army.

There were many a sad BBC2 radio listener this week as Terry Wogan confirmed his decision to quit his breakfast show later this year. He will be replaced by Chris Evans and, while this may be good news for some, there will no doubt be thousands of TOGs (Terry's Old Geezers or Gals) out there who will be devastated by this news. Although Terry states that this isn't the end for his career as he has more work in the pipeline. He signed off by saying, "So, this is not goodbye, it's not even au revoir... As they used to say when I was a lad, 'See you later alligator... in a while, crocodile'."