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Weddings aren't all white dresses, flowers, blubbering bridesmaids and drunken uncles; in fact they can be as weird and wonderful as the happy couples wish them to be. We at Hot Searches have celebrated the bizarre with a few unusual wedding facts that should interest even the most avid wedding-dissident.

One often hears tragic tales of brides being left at the altar, but one bride in India last year bailed on her wedding so she could take an exam. After learning her university final had been rescheduled, she ditched her groom mid-ceremony to sit her exam wearing her wedding dress. Happily the groom waited outside to continue their celebrations after the last paper was handed in.

In Montana, even if neither the bride nor groom shows up, the couple can still be married! Couples who cannot be present at their own wedding can have a 'double proxy' ceremony. This service, which involves representatives reciting the vows and signing the marriage licence for the couple, is popular with soldiers serving abroad. Presumably the proxies aren't required to kiss the bride afterwards.

Do you know the reason for the traditional bouquet and garter toss? Back in the day, wedding guests would fight each other for a piece of the bride's dress, which was considered lucky. They would go as far as to tear pieces from her while she was still wearing it. So to preserve her dress, and her modesty too, the bride began to toss her bouquet to distract the greedy rabble. Similarly the garter toss evolved from a rather questionable tradition of single male guests tearing the garter from the newly wedded woman 'for luck'. Unsurprisingly these days the groom takes full responsibility for any garter removals!

Here a few more weird wedding facts:

  • The world's most expensive wedding took place in a purpose-built stadium in Dubai and cost £22 million
  • The world's most expensive dress was made with 150 karats of diamonds and is worth over £7 million
  • The biggest wedding on the planet involved 21,000 couples, and 9,800 couples joining by satellite
  • The longest ever engagement between Octavio and Adriana Guillen lasted 67 years
  • The oldest bride ever was Minnie Munro aged 102 who married her toyboy aged only 82.