Is he the Stig?

Top searches for 24th June, 2009:
  1. Schumacher The Stig -identity revealed on Top Gear
  2. Football transfers -a new transfer window has opened
  3. Air France Black Box -the device may shed light on the crash
  4. Glastonbury festival -the music festival kicks off tomorrow
  5. UK weather -set for a scorcher
  6. Andy Murray -will he win at Wimbledon?
  7. Mother fights cougar -mum fends off big cat from her toddler
  8. Wimbledon -the tournament began on Monday
  9. Pensions crisis -worrying reports have been released
  10. UK's fattest teenager -lost almost 15 stone
Another Stig has been unmasked to reveal Michael Schumacher! The first show of a new series of Top Gear held an interview with the mysterious Stig, only to have him remove his trademark white helmet and show himself to be the famous F1 driver. Since then, much speculation has been made about whether this was a publicity stunt and that Schumacher is not really the Stig.

Glastonbury festival begins tomorrow and many happy campers have already been making their way to the campsite in Somerset, which opened this morning. Luckily for them it seems this year the weather will be fantastic - so there'll be no trench foot from rolling around in the mud!

Tennis fans are flocking to SW19 to be first in line for Wimbledon tickets. Andy Murray had a rough start but made it through the first round by beating American Robert Kendrick. Will he make it to the finals? Will he be the first Brit to win the men's singles at Wimbledon since Fred Perry in 1936? Fingers crossed...