Bust justice

It is midway through the week and seems like a perfect time to catch up on the web's top searches.

Everybody's talking about Jordan and Peter Andre. After Jordan's shameless drunken antics following the Badminton horse trials, Peter Andre has dumped his former glamour model wife - much to her distress. Jordan, whose real name is Katie Price, then fled the country with the couple's two children claiming that she is devastated at losing the love of her life.

London's Tower Bridge has been closed indefinitely after a lift carrying 16 tourists plunged 10 feet to the ground. The lift suddenly dropped while on its way up to the exhibition in Tower Bridge and fell to the concrete floor below. Six of the passengers were injured in the terrifying accident.

Marks & Spencer recently made a right tit of themselves by announcing a £2 price increase for sizes larger than a DD. This caused a tidal wave of angry complaints, forcing M&S to hastily withdraw this decision. Read more about the story at Ruby Room.

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Top Searches for May 13, 2009:
  1. Jordan Peter split - end of the 4 year reality TV relationship
  2. Bin tax returns - pay-as-you-throw charges revived
  3. Madeleine suspect - artist's impression of new suspect released
  4. Tower Bridge lift - 6 injured as lift plunges 10 feet
  5. McDonald's McPhds - fast food chain to offer degree-level staff qualifications
  6. MP expense claims - fresh scandals from the Conservatives
  7. Bra price hike - M&S boobed over big bust price rises
  8. Ferrari to quit F1 - threats to quit if F1 standardise engines
  9. Smart meters - new meters to be installed in every home by 2010
  10. Spanish GP - Jenson Button steals first place again