Gumball 3000

For one wild week every year, a fantastic and opulent streetrace known as Gumball 3000 takes place. The rally was setup by the artist, fashion designer, film director and racing driver Maximillion Cooper to revive the spirit of adventure conjured up by films such as 'Bullitt', 'Vanishing Point' and 'Le Mans' and by the Cannonball races that inspired the 'Cannonball Run' movies. In May 1999, Cooper and 55 of his rich playboy friends drove incredible, expensive cars 3000 miles across Europe, partying every night. This was the beginning of the Gumball 3000 which has since taken place every year, travelling through different countries each time, but always managing to get into trouble with authorities, losing licences and having cars confiscated.

The rally is not exactly a race but the winner is given the Spirit of Gumball award. It's given to the team that best embodies the idea of adventure and being a free spirit. Those who finish despite major setbacks or those who are seen as the underdogs of the rally are often given the award.

As the event has gained more media attention over the years, more and more ultra-rich and famous people participate including celebrities such as Billy Zane, David Hasselhoff, Dannii Minogue, Damon Hill, Martine McCutcheon, Daryl Hannah, Goldie and Jason Priestley. No doubt they are enticed by the excitement of the road trip and the wild, star-studded parties and concerts along the way. Of course, with all the participants being incredibly wealthy, you will see a plethora of fantastic cars ranging from stately Jags and Bentleys to powerful Porsches and Ferraris.

This year's rally took place in America, coast-to-coast from LA to Miami with stops at Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, Dallas, and New Orleans. There were 120 cars and lots of eccentrics, actors, rockstars and supermodels having an awesome time which anyone is more than welcome to join in, as long as you have a sweet ride and can afford the £28,000 entry fee! What do you think about the Gumball Rally - people with more money than sense or just a bit of fun? Leave a comment and let us know.

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