Summer slimming

Ok, so it's only April but many people are already worrying about their holidays and the inevitable beach body nightmare. SInce there is a plethora of strange diets people use to slim for summer, Hot Searches is taking a (somewhat irreverant) look at some of the recent popular ones.

The Atkins Diet
A diet that allows, nay advocates, eating steak, sausages and cheese! The idea was that if you denied your body carbohydrates, your metabolism would change and burn excess fat for energy. A handful of Hollywood A-listers followed the diet to some success, but there are many who say Atkins is not a healthy plan and is unrealistic to maintain longterm. And, of course, there's the stinky breath...

The Zone Diet
In order to reach 'The Zone' you have to separate all your meals into 40% carbohydrate, 30% proteins and 30% fats. Doing so is supposed to help you lose weight, increase your physical performance and even slow down ageing! However, it does seem extremely tedious and nutrionists claim it's ineffective since it is energy intake that causes weight loss or gain and not food nutrient composition.

The Grape Diet
This is pretty self-explanatory. You eat grapes. This is a detox diet on which you consume nothing but grapes and water to clean out your insides. It claims to be able to heal various illnesses including cancer. And of course, a side effect of eating nothing but grapes is that you lose weight. Although you may suffer from vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, weakness and an urge to rest, headaches, migraines, backache and other body pains! The diet explains that this is how you know it is working. Is anyone else a little sceptical?

The Caveman Diet
Thousands of years ago, humans didn't have access to the kind of foods we eat today and they were all slim and fit. Therefore, if we eat the same foods as our paleolithic ancestors, surely we will be as slim and fit as they were? That's the thinking behind this crazy diet. You should only eat what can be hunted and gathered. Well, excuse me while I go set up my burger traps...

The Negative Calorie Diet
Most people have heard that eating celery burns more calories than the stick actually holds. So this means that if you eat lots of celery you end up with less calories than you started, hence the negative calorie diet. It's a very restrictive diet that's incredibly hard to follow, not very good for your health in the long term and makes you parp like a trooper!

Have you followed any fad diets? Did they work for you or were they a dismal failure? Leave a comment and tell us about your experiences.

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