Online security

Using the internet can be fraught with potential dangers such as credit card fraud, identify theft, viruses and scamming. But at the same time it's the most convenient way to do banking and shopping. Many people worry about their online privacy and a look at the top searches in security shows how they go about protecting themselves.

Top web security searches:
  1. Phishing protection
  2. Firewall solution
  3. Antivirus packages
  4. Email security
  5. PC parental controls
  6. Anti spam software
  7. Automatic security updates
  8. Online payment security
  9. Wireless security encryption
  10. Spware blockers
Firstly you must check for new security updates or set up your computer to run automatic updates (most operating systems have this function). Also make sure you install good antivirus software to protect you from all the viruses out there that can be picked up through emails and dodgy downloads. In the same vein,install anti-spyware tools to stop software that steals personal information and monitors your online behaviour. Firewalls are designed to block unauthorized external access to your network while allowing you to still browse the internet. To save time looking for this software, you can simply download AOL Security Suitepowered by McAfee - an 8 in 1 security software protect that has everything from anti-virus to identity protection to keep you safer.

While you may have all this software and hardware to protect your PC, it's usually human error that leads to security breaches. Make sure you choose passwords carefully - ones that are (hopefully) impossible to guess and easy for you to remember. If you must write them down then do as the wise old Gandalf advised and 'keep it secret; keep it safe!' Phishing is a kind of online fraud that tricks people into giving away personal details. Don't be fooled by anyone! You probably wouldn't trust a man knocking at your front door claiming he was from your bank and could he please have your credit card PIN, would you? So don't trust any emails unless you're sure where they're from.

Have you ever been a victim of online crime? Do you feel safe using internet banking or shopping? Leave a comment and share your experiences.