Hot Searches: Budget 2009

The hot topic online today is Alistair Darling's Budget. The outcome of his report seems to indicate that the country's higher earners are to be penalised, but there is some good news for savers and pensioners. Here is the Hot Search brief Budget breakdown:

  • Alcohol: spirits up 13p a bottle, wine up 4p a bottle, beer up 1p a pint
  • Petrol up 2p a litre from September
  • Cigarettes up 7p for a packet of 20
  • Pension up 2.5%
  • Income tax up to 50% for those paid over £150k
  • ISA limit increase from £7,200 to £10,200
  • Drivers given £2000 off a new car when trading in old
  • Stamp duty holiday extended for properties under £175,000
  • £500m goes to housing projects inc £100m for energy efficient homes
  • £50m goes to armed forces housing
  • £50b to boost mortgage lending
  • Airport taxes to increase
  • Increase in national debt will cause the pound to weaken making travelling more expensive
  • £1.7b to Job Centres, guaranteed jobs for under 25s who are out of work for a year
These are some of the key changes that will affect our everyday lives. And of course there was the unsurprising news that the economy will take longer to recover than previously forecast. So it seems as though we'll all have to try to look on the bright side - which is a little easier to do in the current pleasant climate. Apart from Budget searches, the weather has been a popular search over the past few days as everyone is desperately hoping this warm spell will continue. Unfortunately, judging by the BBC, the weekend is looking rather damp, so enjoy the sun while it lasts!

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