Riots, racing and Rooney

Where's the fabulous weather we were promised today? Never mind, here are the hottest searches on the web right now to brighten up your day.

The most popular story at the moment (and one which you could be forgiven for thinking was an April Fool) is the Government Environment Agency's claim that all homes should have water meters installed and power showers should be banned. They insist that such drastic measures are needed to conserve water and save the planet, although they would mean soaring bills for families during the summer.

Footballer Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen McLoughlin revealed that they are expecting their first child, with Coleen already three months pregnant. It is rumoured that the first baby photos will sell for about £1m. And speaking of huge amounts of money, today is the first day of racing at Aintree which culminates in the world-famous Grand National on Saturday when even your granny will have a flutter. Racing enthusiasts and people with just a passing interest will gather in Liverpool and around TV sets to cheer on their chosen horse and rider.

The Conficker virus was expected to infect computers around the world on April Fool's Day, causing internet chaos. However, the panic was unfounded since the virus did activate but did not manage to create any real damage unlike at the G20 summit where world leaders have convened in London to discuss solutions to the current world financial crisis. A huge protest march was staged yesterday in the streets of London with tens of thousands of people demanding action on poverty, jobs and climate change. The peaceful protest later turned into a more menacing atmosphere as rioting broke out and both protestors and police were injured.

It's the end of an era as This Morning presenter Fern Britton announced her decision to quit the show. After much speculation about her falling out with co-host Philip Schofield, the pair put on a barely believable display of affection although Fern seemed to give away the real situation by saying, "So that's the end of that b******s", while mouthing the swearword. Disputes about pay differences are rumoured to be the reason behind Fern's resignation since it was revealed previously that Schofield earns a dramatically higher wage and is a highly valued star of ITV. But Fern claimed she wants to spend time with her family and embark on new projects in the future.

Top searches for April 2nd, 2009:
  1. Power shower ban - a potential drive to ration water by price and ban power showers
  2. Wayne Rooney baby - Wayne and Coleen except their first child
  3. April 1st virus - a computer virus threatened to take down the internet on April 1st
  4. Grand National - the Aintree National Hunt horse race event begins today
  5. Jade Goody - preparations are being made for her funeral
  6. ISA deadline - approaching soon
  7. Obama in UK - the President arrived for the G20 summit
  8. G20 summit - world leaders unite in London
  9. New England kit - the England football team gets a new kit
  10. Fern Britton quits - ending her 10 years with This Morning