Weather: wellies and woolies

British weather is probably the most unpredictable in the world. One minute the sun is shining so brightly that you need your sunglasses, the sky is blue and people are out wearing shorts and T-shirts! Then all of a sudden, clouds gather and darken and rain pours down on people unprepared and without umbrellas.

In the old days, before the internet, if you wanted to know the weather forecast you had to catch it on the telly or radio after the news, or maybe you could trust your barometer. Happily these days, to plan for a day out, all you need is do is search for the weather online and there are lots of sites to check including the Met Office. Then you can decide what to wear for whatever the weather will be. Here's our quick look at the top searches in all-weather wear so that, like a Scout, you can be prepared.

Undoubtedly they are the best way to keep dry when the weather takes a turn for the damp (which it usually does). The most sought after are golf umbrellas since their vastness is guaranteed to prevent even the most persistent rain from getting in your face. If these are too cumbersome for you, perhaps a convenient compact umbrella is more practical. Bubble umbrellas are trendy and keep you quite dry on account of their shape. Totes do a fun range of novelty umbrellas. Gustbuster umbrellas have come up with a windproof brolly so it won't turn inside out when the weather gets a bit blowy.

Not everyone wants to carry around an umbrella in case it might rain, so a popular alternative is a decent raincoat. They don't have to be those plastic cagoules - you could buy a much more trendy Burberry trench coat, but if you'd prefer something a bit more wallet-friendly, you can find stylish rain macs in Marks & Spencer. Other good places to look for high street raincoats are Next, TopShop and Burtons.

Wellington boots
They're not just for music festivals! In the recent snowstorms that hit the country, wellies had a resurgence in popularity. Even if it's raining and not snowing, it's so much nicer to not have damp trouser legs from walking through puddles. These days wellies come in all sorts of funky colours and styles - not just the plain green ones. Hunter boots do an amazing range of colours and Ugg has also brought out their own brightly patterned wellies. Fashion wellies are easy to find in most shoe shops now and children's wellies also have fun designs such as the old favourite frog eye ones.

Although it may sometime seem like summer's just around the corner, there's still bound to be plenty of chilly days ahead. It's a good idea to have a nice warm wool jumper to wrap up in. Knitwear can be very stylish and can be found in the collections of both high street stores and top designers. Cashmere is an especially luxurious material for a jumper and it's both warm and soft, Lambswool sweaters are cheaper but still very comfortable and Aran sweaters are always a popular chunky type of jumper.

Scarves don't have to be thick and chunky some are light yet warm and suitable for spring. Popular scarves are desert or Arafat scarves, pashminas, ponchos, wraps amd silk scarves. They're a great accessory to have because you can wrap up in them when the wind blows, tuck them in a bag when it's warmer and they can even double as sarongs if the sun gets really strong. Tie one around your head and wear with oversized sunglasses for the Jackie O look.

Both practical and effortlessly cool, everyone should own a pair of sunglasses that suit them. They can vary greatly in price but do be careful when buying a pair, and try to make sure that your new glasses will protect your eyes from UV rays. The popular designer sunglasses are brands like Ray-Ban, Police, Oakley and Versace. Of course, these all come with designer price tags, but it is possible to buy non-designer sunglasses which are trendy and will protect you from the sun. Try looking at stores such as Vision Express and Tesco Opticians for affordable sunglasses.

Sun hats
Even in Britain, if the sun's shining it's a good idea to have some kind of sun hat to prevent burning and harm from UV rays. A broad-brimmed hat is most effective for this, and you can find some really nice straw hats that are lightweight. Peaked caps are good for keeping the sun off your face, as are visors. Cowboy hats have been very popular recently and are great for holidays. Children are most in need of sun hats as their delicate skin burns far more easily.

Flip Flops
The ridiculous name belies just how sensible it is to own a pair of flip flops, or sandals if you will. They're practical, comfortable and can be kicked off and on easily, plus it's good to air your toes once in a while - especially if you're prone to smelly feet! Favourite flip flop searches are havaianas, reef flip flops, teva sandals and birkenstock sandals.

Top searched weather wear:
  1. Umbrellas
  2. Wellington boots
  3. Designer sunglasses
  4. Caps
  5. Flip flops
  6. Wool jumpers
  7. Fleece
  8. Parka
  9. Waterproofs
  10. Brollies