Going, going, gone!

Classic carI am addicted to online auctions. There, I said it. I'm not ashamed! There are so many bargains to be found online if you search for them, especially if you love vintage and retro gear. Someone else's junk might turn out to be your prized possession! Personally I love to search for vintage clothes - cowboy boots, leather jackets, funky bags, stylish dresses - you name it. Somewhere out there on the web, someone wants to sell the dress I've always wanted, and when I find it, that's when the exciting part begins.

Placing your first bid for that coveted item can be daunting but exciting too. You have to be sure of what your limits are and don't get sucked into a bidding war for something you can't afford - trust me, I'm speaking from experience! Once the auction is over, it's such a great feeling to find out that you've 'won'. Who doesn't like being a winner? Whether you're bidding on a retro toy such as a Star Wars X-Wing, Tracey Island from the Thunderbirds, or maybe you just have to get your hands on the original vinyl records of your favourite band, online auctions are a brilliant place to find your prize at a bargain price.

But it's not only small collectibles that you can snap up at auctions. You can also buy classic cars - fancy a 1960s Ford Mustang or a cherry red Volkswagon Beetle? There are some real beauties for sale in online auctions which have been lovingly cared for and maintained. And if you already own a classic car that needs some attention you can hunt down rare car parts easily.

Online auctions are an excellent place to go antiquing. My parents love filling their house with antique furniture and I'm sure they've exhausted all the antique shops in their neighbourhood! So guess who has to go online for them to look up Victorian dining tables and antique nesting tables, of course, while I'm searching for them, I also have a look for myself, but I prefer to search for retro, art deco posters.

If you're into computer games, like me, and you have a penchant for the 'old skool' games, you might have trouble finidng the games you used to play back in the day. Do you still have your Atari, Amstrad, Commodore or Spectrum? You can definitely find games for these consoles at online auctions both cassette tapes and *gasp* floppy disks! You could even buy the console itself and remind yourself of those halcyon days of youth. As well as vintage games, there are tonnes of more recent platforms catered for: Nintendo 64, Sony Dreamcast - the Wii and Playstation's older brothers. If you have the space in your home and a bit of money to spare, you could buy yourself a 1980s arcade table with Pac Man or Space Invaders.

If computer games aren't your preferred choice of retro entertainment, vintage books can be found on online auctions. In fact if you are hunting for a particular first edition or signed copy, it's a really good idea to search online. You can find old books that range in price and value from a few pence to hundreds of pounds. If you're really good at searching, you might find a rare book to add to your collection.

All this writing about vintageonline bargains has got me itching to search the auctions myself ... oh, did I already tell you I'm addicted to them?

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