Fairtrade fortnight

Fairtrade logoIt is currently Fairtrade Fortnight - a time to think about where the food you buy comes from and how you can help the people who grow it. You might be wondering what Fairtrade is all about; perhaps you've seen food in the shops with the Fairtrade logo on it - these products ensure that the growers and producers get paid a fair price, that they have good standards of living and that their produce is sustainable and resources won't become drained.

You can find Fairtrade groceries in your local supermarket: Asda, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Morrisons all stock these goods so it's easy to make a small change to your weekly shop, but a massive difference to the lives of farmers in developing countries .

Fairtrade products include cotton, flowers, coffee, teas, juices, chocolate, fruit, cakes, biscuits, honey, sweets, wine and beer. You can find these products in many shops around the UK and also being made by brands you are already familiar with. Ben & Jerry's make Fairtrade versions of their delicious ice cream. Interflora sell Fairtrade flowers and Monsoon stocks Fairtrade clothing. You've probably encountered Fairtrade chocolate before such as Green & Black's and also it's not unusual to see Fairtrade bananas but not many people have considered Fairtrade fashion. Companies such as People Tree create clothes which are both stylish and ethical.

Oxfam has its own fair trade webpage which has a great ethical collection of jewellery, children's toys, clothes and more, which make perfect gifts or treats and also support Oxfam's work helping disadvantaged people around the world.

Have a search online for a Fairtrade event and try some of the produce for yourself. Remember when you're doing your shopping how easy it is to opt for the Fairtrade bananas instead of the regular ones. The awareness fortnight lasts from 23rd February to 8th March.

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