Wendy's message of hope

Wendy RichardIt's nearly the weekend! To celebrate this fine Friday, we've got a rundown of the hottest searches of the day.

The top searches on the internet today are all around Jade Goody. Her tragic story has one positive outcome - cervical cancer awareness is being brought to the attention of women all over the UK and thousands of searches for the symptoms of cervical cancer have been made. It's really important for women to go for regular screenings - even though it may seem a little daunting - as the tests can identify any problems early on, allowing treatment to begin immediately and preventing cancer developing. Check out NHS online for detailed information about cervical screenings

OK Magazine has been a popular search in the last couple of days because of their exclusive £700,000 deal for the picture rights to Jade's wedding. For her dream ceremony, Jade picked out an £8,000 dress from Harrods, which was a gift from Mohamed Al Fayed, and her now-husband Jack Tweed, as well as her two sons, were fitted in Armani suits.

Wendy Richard, who played Pauline Fowler in the London-based soap opera EastEnders, died yesterday aged 65. Having suffered from breast cancer for some time, she passed a message of comfort and encouragement to Jade before she passed away.

As the credit crunch continues, more people are searching for ways to keep their costs down. One way to do this is by using vouchers, and there are lots of vouchers to be found online for all sorts of things. There are always some kind of 10% discount codes or 2-for-1 deals just waiting to be snapped up online. Electronics, restaurants, entertainment, travel and personal finance are all areas where you can find great brilliant discounts.

Nintendo's latest offering the DSi has been creating a buzz as it will shortly be released in the UK. The new console is even slimmer than its predecessor and sports two cameras, an audio player and a larger screen. If you're too excited to wait for it to appear in the shops, it's currently available for pre-order so make sure you get in there first!

It's Friday and that means the National LotteryEuromillions draw takes place tonight. This week's jackpot is estimated at £38,000,000. Wouldn't it be great to win that kind of money? Well, you're not going to without buying at lottery ticket! You can buy your tickets online and catch the draw televised this evening on BBC.

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