All that glisters is not gold


Luxury cars barely attract a second glance on the roads of the United Arab Emirates, so in one of Dubai's shopping malls, they decided to one stage further. In a region that has grown rich on the 'liquid gold' that keeps crankshafts turning all around the world, the local sheikhs can afford to splash out.

The showroom in downtown Dubai had a range of makes on display, amongst them this Mercedes C63 AMG. A model that would normally cost around 82,000 US dollars – and that's before you start adding on the usual Arab potentate extras. This particular owner managed to make the forecourt price of his car seem like a mere down-payment by commissioning a very special paint job. And here, we're back on the topic of 'liquid gold'. The gold finish probably cost the equivalent of a tankful or two – in fact, it will have cost more than the car itself.

After you've taken a look at the gallery, perhaps you'll have your own view of whether they succeeded in making this particular 'Silver Arrow' golden.

AC Schnitzer Quartz Chronograph 2

AC Schnitzer Quartz Chronograph 2